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Praise for BELOW Finalist for the 2015 Snow Willow Reader’s Choice Award (Read More) “Teen, tween, and adult fans of futuristic YA adventure such as Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games will devour this title, and parents whose children are reluctant readers will want to put this into their hands.” Library Journal (Starred Review) (Read More) “Beautifully rendered in Chabot's tantalizing exposition... A refreshingly epic beginning... The heart-stopping action will sweep you away.” CM Magazine (highly recommended) (Read More) “This has got to be one of the BEST dystopians that I’ve read in a while!!  I need book two NOW!  This was one trip that I won’t forget soon...” Crossroad Reviews (5 out of 5 stars - Need to Read This ASAP) (Read More) “The third-person narrative draws readers along briskly, the worldbuilding tinged with details sampled from indigenous and fantasy cultures. This installment’s open-ended mysteries should leave readers eager to see where it turns next.” Publishers Weekly (Read More) “The worlds of Above and Below are vividly written, and Chabot immediately hooks readers by enshrouding them in mystery...  A promising start to an original new series that is sure to engage fans of dystopian fiction.” Canadian Children’s Book News (Read More) “I absolutely loved this novel... From the setting, to the characterization and the plot, I loved every minute of it.  The author, Jason Chabot, created a beautiful debut novel that has left me wanting more.” Courtney Gendreau, Rainy Day Reading Reviews (Read More) “With its inventive world-building and epic scope, Below hooked me from the very first lines and had me eagerly flipping the pages. But it's Chabot's unique and compelling characters from different worlds, especially Elia and Hokk, that pulled me through... Highly recommend!” - Jennifer Brody, author of The 13th Continuum “I was engaged from the start... Well-paced with action-packed, heart-pounding moments.” Amy’s Marathon of Books (Read More)   Praise for ABOVE Nominated for the 2016 Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic (Read More) “The lands of Above and Below are a striking mix of old and new... and cloak-and-dagger escapades... only add to the allure, giving a creatively unique twist to the dystopian- or speculative-fiction aspects... a fast-paced suspense drama with enough twists, turns, and fantastical elements to keep audiences of any age intrigued and coming back for more.” Foreword Reviews (Read More)  “This seamless blend of fantasy, dystopia, and myth yields an absorbing tale.  The growing bond between Elia and Hokk will enchant true romantics, while the surprising plot twists and ongoing mystery  will satisfy readers looking for a dose  of danger and action.” Kirkus Reviews (Read More)