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THE BROKEN SKY CHRONICLES Book 1: Below                    American Edition Hokk scavenges the lifeless bodies that fall from the clouds, hoping the human remains might offer meagre treasures to help him survive. On the barren plains of Below, he is a criminal living in exile with his fox sidekick, Nym, amid the remnants of our modern age. Under a shattered moon, Elia lives on the floating islands in the skies of Above, where the islands' edges are borders no one dares to cross except for the ritual burials that send their dead to Below. As a child laborer, she toils in endless drudgery, up until the fateful morning when she discovers a mystery swirling around her family's past. But before she can unravel the secrets, a series of natural disasters rumble through Above, bringing both worlds  and Hokk and Elia  ever closer. Then comes the day when the earth crumbles below Elia's feet, and She falls. When Hokk rescues this strange girl who miraculously survives plunging into an ocean of Below, he realizes she might be the key to finally ending his banishment. Both teens are desperate to return to the homes they've lost, and while challenging each other’s perception of reality, their journey together propels them across endless plains, through shattered cities, and into mirrored palaces in a centuries-old struggle for the very earth and sky around them. Read the First Chapter Reviews Purchase THE BROKEN SKY CHRONICLES Book 2: Above                    American Edition  The epic adventure continues. . . Elia has been separated from Hokk for many weeks as she struggles to live with the Torkin marauders.  Viewed as a dangerous outsider, she works tirelessly to gain their acceptance, though all the while, she has resigned herself to never being able to return to her home above the clouds. Yet Hokk has found a way to leave Below for good, and once he crosses forbidden boundaries to track Elia down in the mountains, they finally escape and fly away to Above. Together, they embark on a perilous quest that takes them across the scorched sand dunes of a desolate floating island, where the sun’s deadly rays endanger Hokk’s life.  Their only hope of survival is to be saved by a family with important ties to the privileged classes which Elia has been trying to infiltrate.  As she digs deeper, scandalous secrets are revealed, threatening to destroy everything Elia has been trying to do to save Hokk, herself, and her own family from the forces that would see them eliminated. Read the First Chapter Reviews Purchase    THE BROKEN SKY CHRONICLES Book 3: Beyond                  American Edition        Now as a fugitive, Elia is on the run from Imperial Guards who have launched a city-wide manhunt for her capture. Hokk is also on Elia’s trail—unfortunately one step behind and all too aware of the mortal danger she is in. Elia possesses evidence that could topple the oppressive monarchy, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to know who is the enemy and who is an ally in the quest to overcome those who have wrought misery in the realms of Above and Below. As their worlds drift ever farther apart, Elia and Hokk will have to decide where they truly belong and what it means to be reunited. Read the First Chapter Reviews Purchase  
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